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Highland Bungee Mount Compass:

  • Superior Tilt Potential of +/- 30° Degrees
  • Highly Accurate Compass
  • Liquid Filled for Quick and Responsive Movement
  • Calibrated for the Northern Hemisphere
  • Ratchet Bezel with Numerical Compass Headings in 30° Increments and 10° Indicator Markings
  • Bezel with Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass Course
  • Lubber Line Across Compass Face
  • Side Window with Compass Degrees
  • Side Window: Allows Gun-Sight Accurate for Precise Headings
  • 30" (76.2 cm) Length of 0.16" (4 mm) Thick Bungee Cord
  • Mount with One Continuous Loop or Two Separate Loops for Redundancy
  • Luminescent Compass Card for Low Light/Night Diving Conditions
  • Italian Design

Highland Bungee Mount Compass HL306

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