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Compact Console - 
Whether you’re 60’ down or 260’ down, you want exceptional reliability. You also want a computer that’s easy to read and makes sense. ProFile satisfies both requirements. 

ProFile has one of the most intuitive displays available today. Color indicating bands and a logical layout of readouts provide information at a glance. 

ProFile’s time-tested algorithm reliably calculates, updates and displays no decompression limits throughout your dive and if you get into a decompression situation it will give information for stops as deep as 60 feet. This practical dive computer also features: 


• Air/Nitrox or Gauge operating mode. 

• Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet. 

• Digital and bar graph indicators for nitrogen, oxygen limits and ascent rate. 

• Log book data: up to 50 dives. 

• Consumer replaceable battery. 

• Economical companion to Wisdom 2. 

• Easy console upgrade: Profile fits all current Sherwood consoles and can replace depth gauge. 

• Excellent entry level computer. 

• Analog ascent rate indicator with warnings. 

• Visual alarms. 

• HydroGlow backlit display for easy reading in low light situations. 

• Automatic altitude compensation to 14,000 feet. 

• Temperature readout. 

• Standard or metric unit selectivity. 

• Available in console, wrist mount, hose mount and capsule only configurations. 

Dive Mode 

• Nitrox mode. 
• Deepest depth – current dive. 
• Dive time. 
• Current depth. 
• Dive Time remaining (NDL). 
• Bar graphs – maximum nitrogen load and maximum ascent rate last dive. 

Log Mode 

• Screen 1 indicator. 
• Water temperature – last dive. 
• Surface interval before dive. 
• Maximum depth last dive. 
• Dive time.


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