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LT100 Dive Light

This little powerhouse delivers far more light than you would ever expect from a light this size. Using just 3 AAA batteries, this light can throw up to 300 lumens, which makes it perfect for looking in holes and under ledges by day or underwater trekking by night.

With a magnetic switch that provides variable power, you control the battery duration. Slide it up to 300 lumens for a 1-hour duration or slide it back to 10 lumens and get an amazing
24-hour duration.

  • Magnetic switch offers variable light output

  • Brightness - 10 lumens to 300 lumens

  • Battery duration – 24 hours to 1 hour

  • Depth rated to 330’ (100 m)

  • Beam distance – 800’ (240 m)

  • Uses 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

p/n LT100

XS SCUBA LT100 Dive Light

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