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Rook Knife

Compact knives, like the Rook, lend themselves to a variety of mounting locations. Though small in size, it remains very effective at removing entanglements. Monofilament, nets and kelp are no match for its sharp blade.

  • Compact, low-profile backup knife

  • Five versatile options for mounting
    - Hose mount to Miflex HP hose (8mm)
    - Hose mount to full size rubber HP or LP hose (13mm)
    - Hose mount to Miflex LP hose (13mm)
    - Mount to BC / harness, thumbscrews included
    - Attach to leg or arm (0.75” wide straps not included)

  • Rust-free 304 grade stainless steel

  • Modified blunt tip 2.75” blade

  • Advanced serration and line cutter

  • Easy release, positive-locking sheath

  • Can be mounted to XS Scuba “Grommet Ready” PonyPac and BC’s (grommets set 4” apart)

  • Includes mounting accessories as shown

p/n KN500

XS Scuba Rook Knife KN500

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