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About Fantasea 4088 EyeGrabber F67

The Fantasea Eye Grabber F67 Series attaches to Flex (see SKU's: FNT3027, FNTA30) and B&J Arms and allows for secure attachment of 67mm accessory lenses and filters when they are not in use. This handy accessory includes a T2 Connector, enabling to attach the Lens Holder to any standard Flex or Ball & Joint Arm. The Eye Grabber is made from durable corrosion resistant Polycarbonate Plastic, Polyoxymethylene Plastic and (304) Stainless Steel. Eye Grabber weighs 3 oz. (80g) and comes with an owner's manual. 

The Eye Grabber is compatible with: 
Red Eye Filter M67 (SKU: FNT5172) 
Big Eye Lens M67 (SKU: FNT5137) 
Sharp Eye Lens M67 (SKU: FNTS5128) 
Any other accessory lens with a 67mm thread or a 67mm threaded adaptor

Fantasea #4088 EyeGrabber F67

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