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SharpEye Lens M67 + 8 - Fantasea Wet Macro (Close-Up) Lens. This lens will mount on top of a standard camera lens in order to magnify the subject and allow you to fill the frame with it while maintaining sharp auto focus.

Top Product Features:

  • he SharpEye Lens M67 +8 is an accessory macro lens with a +8 diopter which fits over the housing lens port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive.
  • It is perfect for shooting close-up images of fish, corals, textures and more. The macro lens magnifies the subject and enables the camera to focus on short distances for creating super sharp images.
  • It can be mounted on 67mm threaded lens ports or other lens ports by using an adaptor.

Main Specs:

  • Diopter Value: +8
  • Mount Type: 67mm
  • Focal Length: 125mm
  • Model: SharpEye M67 +8

Fantasea #5123 SharpEye Lens M67 + 8

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