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You bought a new camera and an underwater camera housing to go with it. You couldn't wait to go diving and start photographing the exotic marine life, but now you are back above the surface the results aren't quite what you were expecting. If so, you are not alone. Looking for an affordable solution to enhance the colors of your underwater photos and videos? Get a Red Filter for your Housing! 

The best way to enhance your underwater photographs and videos is by using an external light source*. However, since underwater strobes and video fill lights can be relatively expensive, you might choose to use a Red Filter in order to enhance the color in your underwater images, especially when photographing in shallow water and when external light sources are not available. 

"Wet" Red Filters are lens accessories that fit onto the housing's lens port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. Filters are manufactured from an acrylic material with an anodized aluminum threaded body for durability and long life. Water acts like a blue filter which diminishes the vibrant colors of the tropical sea. When installed on the housing's lens port, a red filter compensates for the loss of red color in your underwater photographs and videos, thereby enhancing your images and revealing your subjects' true colors. Red Filter with 67mm threads which fits over the housing's port. The Red Filter is used to restore the red color absorbed by the water. In shallow depths, these filters can serve as an attractive alternative to artificial light sources. Filter can be mounted on 67mm threaded lens ports or other lens ports by using an adaptor.

Fantasea #5172 RedEye Filter M67

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