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  • Genesis Sidekick Octopus:
  • Increased Safety in Out-of-Air Emergencies
  • Combining your Inflator Device with Octopus Regulator
  • Eliminates a Hose from Dive Rig
  • Easily-Attaches to BCD
  • Be a Safe Diver with the Sidekick Octopus
  • Mouthpiece Location, Easy-to-Offer with Either-Hand
  • Durable Lightweight Materials:
    Non-Corrosive ABS Plastic Case
    Resilient Silicone Poppet Seat
    Stainless-Steel Demand Lever
    Silicone Mouthpiece, Diaphragm and Exhaust Valve
  • Dependable Downstream Demand Valve
  • Bright, Hi-Vis Yellow Soft Purge Cover, Easy-to-Identify in Emergency Out-of-Air Situation
  • Breathing Performance of a Primary Regulator
  • Includes 3/8" Threaded Low-Pressure Hose

Genesis Sidekick Octopus

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