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SeaKing - Optical Lens Mask

SMA520BKSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Black in box
SMA520BSSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Black Silicone in box
SMA520BUSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Blue in box
SMA520CLSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Clear in box
SMA520PKSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Pink in box
SMA520YLSeaDive - SeaKing Mask - Yellow in box
  • Molded from soft, hypoallergenic silicone
  • Fits most faces
  • Double seal around edge of mask skirt keeps water out
  • Ratcheting buckle system is easy to adjust
  • Wide mask strap stays in position

SeaDive SMA520 SeaKing - Optical Lens Mask

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