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Sherwood DIN Conversion Kit for Newer Regulators

You started diving with yoke style cylinder valves, but you feel the higher cylinder pressure available with DIN cylinders will be an advantage to your style of diving. Well this kit will allow you to do just that, shed the yoke and increase bottom time with this 300-bar (4,350 psi) DIN conversion kit. The Kit is designed for the New Model Sherwood First Stage Regulators (see SKU's: SWDBRN, SWDBZ1N, SWDBRP, SWDM2RN, SWDRM, SWDRB, SWDRMP). 

Also, scuba divers who travel overseas will want to have a DIN adapter to use the tanks available at the local dive sites. The adapter allows you to easily-convert your first stage, if required, so you can use your own gear rather than rental gear! DIN assembly is constructed from marine grade corrosion resistant chromed brass. Higher pressures will allow you to extend your bottom time. Most HP cylinders are made from Steel, so you can also remove some of the weight from your weight system due to the lower buoyancy characteristics of the HP cylinder. 

Sherwood DIN-300R 300 BAR DIN ADAPTER

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