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Minimus Octo - by Sherwood SKU: SR3108

Our standard octopus lines are precision engineered to provide the same outstanding reliability as your primary Sherwood regulator. The Sherwood Minimus SR3108 (SR3108L - left hand) is the first regulator designed specifically as a backup air source. The Shadow+ SR3209 octo couples directly to your BC. Replaces the BC hose and reduces the number of LP hoses needed. Conveniently locates the alternate air source with the BC controls for instant access whenneeded. Both octos feature: Compact Size ? 35 % smaller than standard octos. Allows convenient location for quick access when needed. Unique mouthpiece position allows the Minimus to be passed to other diver from right or left side position. Uncomplicated design allows easy maintenance and easy operation without need for constant attention. High visibility front cover flexes to allow simple reliable purge control.

Sherwood SR3108 MINIMUS OCTO

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