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Sherwood 10 K-Valves Service Kit

When you travel to exotic locations and don't want to be caught without the proper parts to have a malfunctioning Valve fixed, this Sherwood K-Valve Service Kit is what you need. Kit includes all the Components Recommended by the Manufacture and Required to Perform Periodic Maintenance properly on 10 Valves. The K-Valve Kit includes Buna N-Rubber Cylinder to Valve O-Rings, Thick and Thin Teflon Washers, High Pressure Seats, Valve Outlet O-Rings and Copper Crush Washers. So don't get caught without proper parts in your Save-a-Dive Kit to overhaul your Sherwood K-Valve(s).


Sherwood 10 K-Valves Service Kit Features

  • Important Item for Traveling Divers
  • Fits: Sherwood K-Valves
  • Kit Includes all Components Recommended by Manufacture
  • Included Components: 
    Buna N-Rubber Cylinder to Valve O-Rings 
    Thick and Thin Teflon Washers 
    High Pressure Seats 
    Valve Outlet O-Rings 
    Copper Crush Washers
  • Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item

Sherwood SV-KIT-10 Repair Kit

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