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Xs Scuba Beta Titanium Pointed meets the desired knife

KN400Titnaium Knife, Pointed (BLACK)
KN470Titnaium Knife, Tanto (YELLOW)
KN450Titnaium Knife, Blunt (BLUE)

properties of non-brittleness, high abrasion resistance, and high hardness scale not found in standard titanium knives High strength (240,000 lbs / in2) and RC Scale hardness of 51-54
5” blade is custom flat ground with advanced serration and line cutter
Stainless steel hammer end above SURE-GRIP handle
Exclusive, double-locking sheath prevents knife loss
Rubber leg straps with quick-release buckles
Available with three different tip styles (Pointed, Tanto & Blunt)
Available in three colors (Black, Blue & Yellow)

XS SCUBA KN40 Titnaium Knife

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