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XS Scuba Navigator Console Boot Features

  • XS Scuba Navigator Console Boot:
  • Fits:
    XS Scuba Pressure Gauge (SKU's: XSSPG or XSSPGM)
    Wrist Depth Gauge (SKU's: XSSWDG or XSSWDGM)
    Bungee or Hose Mount Compass (SKU: XSSBMC or XSSHMSC)
  • 3 Gauge Console Boot
  • Noncorrosive Thermoplastic
  • Impact Resistance and Durability
  • Eyelets for Attachment or Clip or Lanyard
  • Combine All 3 Essential Dive Instruments
  • Great Replacement Item for XS Scuba Navigation Console (see SKU: XSSNC)

XS SCUBA Navigator Console Boot GP05

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