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30N -- Aluminum Cylinders 3000 psi (p/n VX2J-30N-VI)

33N -- Aluminum Cylinders (100 cu ft & Neutral 80)3300 psi (p/n VX2J-33N-VI)

AC200 -- Activation Pull Rod


The XS Scuba PVD Reserve J Valve is a reproduction of the old school J valve with 600 PSI +/- 100 PSI reserve at the flip of a switch. The new version is a little nicer with the new mil-spec black PVD finish and a 200 BAR connection which allows for connection of standard yoke as well as DIN 230 BAR regulators. The XS Scuba PVD Reserve J Valve has 3/4"-NPSM standard inlet threads which will fit just about any standard aluminum cylinder. Pre-Cleaned for Nitrox up to 40%.



XS Scuba PVD Reserve J Valve Features:

Old School "J” valve - 600 psi +/- 100 psi reserve

Mil-Spec black PVD finish

Standard yoke outlet with spin-out DIN insert converts to 230 bar DIN outlet

3/4”-14 NPSM standard inlet threads

Clean for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% oxygen

1.5 handwheel rotations from fully on to fully off


XS Scuba PVD Reserve J Valve Options:

Activation pull rod sold separately (p/n AC200)

Available in two service pressures

3000 psi (p/n VX2J-30N-VI)

3300 psi (p/n VX2J-33N-VI)


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