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Description for XS Scuba Switch Mask

  • Unique slot in the top of the frame accommodates a lens filter
  • For Medium to Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Includes 3 lens filters: red, amber and tinted
    • Dark tint – used for surface swimming or shallow dives on a sunny day
    • Red tint – brings back the warm colors that disappear as sunlight penetrates the water
    • Amber – improves contrast, especially in low light situations
  • Additional lens filters available (see above to order)
  • Locking device on top holds lens filters securely in place
  • Uses quick connect, rotating and ratcheting buckles for easy adjustment and comfort
  • Filters can be oriented with the handling tab on either the left or the right
  • Comfortable silicone mask strap has wide head piece in back so that it doesn’t migrate up or down
  • Low volume for easy clearing
  • COLORS: Black with Black Silicone Skirt, Blue with Black accents, Black with Silver accents, White with Black accents, Pink with Black accents or Yellow with Black accents

XS Scuba Switch Mask MA300

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