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XS Scuba SKU: TL107

Endorsed by major cylinder manufacturers, including Luxfer and Catalina, Visual Plus 3 is the best inspection technology you can buy today - and because of its exclusive software and versatile calibration features, Visual Plus 3 will be the equipment of choice for inspecting new aluminum alloys in the future. AIT has once again advanced the state of the art with Visual Plus 3, the “smartest” eddy-current device available since it eliminates human error and clearly identifies all types of cylinder damage and defects. More than an upgrade of existing technology, Visual Plus 3 offers all-new computerized features that make it the best tool for inspecting cylinders made from all types of aluminum alloys now in use, including popular 6061 alloys favored by major global cylinder manufacturers. Visual Plus 3 not only detects cracks… it identifies corrosion, gouges, pits, folds, valleys, tool stops and other types of indications and it shows you the differences among them on five different color-coded graphs, including both linear and three-dimensional views, on a computer screen.

XS Scuba Visual Plus 3 TL107

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